Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chin Woo Biathlon 2007

YAHOOOOO !! i was second in the 30-44 category... however it was quite hollow as the competition was not strong at all... my 'target' Raymond was not there to at least give me a challenge....

i think my two months 'secret' training in the swim paid off during this race... met up with Azhar (JB Baboon), Adrian, Chee, Carmen but was actually expecting to see Jaja and Bacin as well.... started off in Wave 3 for my category at about 8am.. weather was fine ..

started off well still pacing Iwata but after 250m was already feeling the strain as i started quite fast ... so gotta let him go off as not to overpump my heart... managed to finished in a superb 13:30 which was PB for me for 800m... i only managed 14:30 last year...

the best thing was i still felt strong during the run and had no problem finishing the run in about 36 mins plus where i stop the clock at 50:30... of course Iwata was no where in sight... was really estatic as felt no one overtook me during the run.

waited for the prize giving ceremony and it was haywire.... some Malay guy was annouced as the winner ahead of Iwata.... in the end only i was at the podium due to the confusion... was presented a better trophy than last year and also a hand pump sponsored by imcyclist... boy i love my category... ahahaha