Saturday, June 21, 2008

Training again

its been awhile since i have started posting again... haiya really no mood... exerbated by the recent fuel increase, current uncertainty, late payments by client is really taking a toll on me...

however life still goes on and the best way is to start training again... have been clocking an average of 5hrs exercise duration a week (try to lah)...... and so far have been on it for the past 3 weeks....

just bought a Timex HRM costing RM500 (shop owner says its the old stock price.. going up have to buy la).. its a good indicator as it shows all the basic indicators especially calories burnt.. so that u feel good and able to eat more later... ahahha... however still having trouble using HRM... whereby sometimes it shows a very high rate of 240... my average exercise rate is about 145 to 170... but well its still ok...

signed up for Siemens Run last friday but still cannot collect bibs on that day... since they are conducting the clinic i just registered... actually i didnt participate as i went for my hill run before it started... then manage to come back in time for the stretching session... then got myself a free T Shirt... i am a sucker for freebies... good to have another one for sleeping...

this are my stats uphill at Kiara :-

Start to uphill : 13:56
1st Loop : 11:17
2nd Loop : 11:27
Downhill until Bakti building : 7:36
Bakti to car park : 3:16
Park Loop : 6:08
Finishing time : 53:56
Calories burnt : 1080
Ave HR : 156
Distance : approx 10km

had a good swim this morning and here are the stats:-

500m (with paddle): 8:40
500m : 9:04
500m : 9:10
500m : 8:56

with an interval of 1 minute each....

wanted to go for another jog but i accidentally scratch my car... luckily with some polish and wax most of the scars are gone... cost me only RM30...

target to cycle again tommorow.... nothing fancy just wanna do 2 loops Bkt Jalil - Summit - Bkt Jalil with a distance of about 45km... have to start already so that i can participate in PD Tri ... this will be the first time i have cycle since last year... wow thats long...

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Dancing Ciken said...

500m = 8/9mnts. laju nyeee!

c u at PD